16 Guys On What It Really Means When They Say Theyre Not Ready For A Relationship

1. That guys still looking for another girl. Or still unsure about you. Gerald, 22

2. He doesnt like you, and hes a loser for it. Matt, 23

3. It means hes either not into you at all, or that hes actually into someone else. EJ, 22

4. There are only two sides of a coin. Hes either just got out of a really long relationship, or that hes simply a fuckboy. Dominic, 20

5. Theres a lot. Exes maybe. Finds out doesnt want pressure, commitment and sh*t like that. Has another girl. Or is playing you. Nate, 24

6. It means that he feels like he isnt in a place in his life where he can be in a committed relationship and is currently just interested in something casual. Daniel, 26

7. It actually depends on the guys situation. Maybe hes a fuckboy or maybe hes afraid to hurt you. Arnold, 20

8. Hes just not that into you. Johann, 23

9. It means he wants to date around. No strings attached, whatever goes, goes. Mark, 22

10. Maybe the guy wants to keep his options open. Or that hes just looking for a fling. Or he might have just gotten out of a long term relationship and isnt ready to get into another one. There could be a variety of reasons. Rei, 25

11. Hes still enjoying the single life. Dylan, 21

12. No thanks. Steven, 23

13. It means exactly that. Guys are surprisingly straightforward with their words. Alex, 25

14. It depends. If youre hooking up, it means he doesnt see you as a girlfriend. He wants to keep it casual. If not, then hes probably really just isnt looking into anything serious right now. Jay, 27

15. Maybe hes just got out of a serious relationship. Or maybe hes not certain about what the next step in life is so he doesnt want to get attached to anyone. Adam, 24

16. He just doesnt like the girl. MJ, 22

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