30 Disgustingly Sweet Signs Youre Already Acting Like An Old Married Couple

1. You text him when he’s only a room away,because it’s easier than getting up and walking through the house.

2.Your boyfriend’s friends contact you when they can’t get ahold of him, because they know that know where he is.

3.You debate over whether your pet loves himor youmore.

4.When his mother calls, you’re expected to talk to her on the phone too, even if it’s the last thing you want to do.

5.You have trouble sleeping unless he’sin bed beside you.

6.Your pocketbook is filled with ticket stubs from movies you’ve seen together and receipts from dinners you’ve eaten together.

7.You grab his phonewhen your phone is charging in an outlet you can’t reach, and he doesn’t mind, because he’s used to sharing everything with you.

8.You can find hismissing sock or a specific pair of underwear before hecan.

9.Instead of calling each other cute nicknames, you call each other weird, embarrassing nicknames that no one else would understand.

10.You know exactly what to do to annoy him. You know whichsongs hecan’t stand and which memes make himwant to scream.

11.When you call himan “idiot” (which is often), heknows you don’t actually mean it.

12. You get ready for bed together. You stand next to him and wash your facewhile he brushes his teeth.

13.You’ve bickered with each other in a public place and didn’t thinkit was a big deal.

14.You never really eat at the table. You usually sit at the couch and watch TV while you’re chowing down on dinner.

15.You know exactly what to bring home for himfrom the grocery store, withouthaving to ask.

16.You remind himof hisdoctor’s appointments. Sometimes, you’re even the one that calls up and makes the appointment for him.

17.You’re capable of takinga naptogether while completely naked, withouteven thinking about having sex.

18.You can fart, burp, queef, and throw up in front of himand it’s sill not awkward.

19.You don’t feel the needto make exciting plans every weekend. Sitting around the house together is enough to make you happy.

20.When you’re invited to a party, so is your partner. You’re a packaged deal.

21.You don’t freak out if you forget to shave, because you know hedoesn’t give a damn about what you look like.

22.You share , including your pajamas, your books, and your car.

23.You’re comfortable being yourself around him, which is why thereare plenty of days when youdon’t wear make-up, put in your contacts, or wear tight clothing.

24.When you tell storiesabout him, you say “we” and no one expectsyou to explain who “we” refers to, because they already know.

25.You’ve already forced him to binge watchall of your favorite shows and he’s done the same.

26.You’d rather spend time sipping wine in your pajamas whilecuddling on the couch than going out with your friends and getting wasted.

27.When you’re in bed together, you’re usually both reading (when you’re not having sex).

28.The majority of theSnapchats you send him are of you making ugly faces at the camera insteadof striking sexy poses likeyou used to do in your lingerie.

29.It’s hard for you to remember a timebefore you were dating.

30.You’re deeply in love with each other and plan on spending the rest of your lives together.

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