7 Ways To Manipulate Him Into Making The First Move

In reality, going to be the one making the first move. But you’re going to do something so minuscule that he won’t even realize you’re the one setting everything into motion.

1. Drop hints.

First, figure out what it is you want. His phone number? Then casually mentionhow you were going to remind him that SNL was new last night, but you didn’t have any way to contact him. If he’s interested, that should be all he needs to hand you his number.

Or, if you want him to take you out on a date, then mention that you don’t have any plans forSaturday and are going to be bored. You can even take it a step further by bringing up the movie you’ve been dying to see, but none of your friends want to watch. Then he won’t have to do any planning. He won’t have to do any thinking. He onlyhasto ask you out.

2. Make sure he realizes you’re single.

If you don’t have a relationship status set on your Facebook page and are always posting Instagram photos with your guy friends, then he might assume that you’re taken. That’s why you should casually mention that you’re having a single ladies night out or make a joke about being “forever alone.”If it’s not obvious that he has a chance, then clear up the confusion for him.

3. Joke around.

Don’t put on your serious, sultry face whenever he walks into the room. Be playful. Tease him. Joke around. The more comfortable he is around you, the less intimidated he’ll be by you. That means there’s a higher chance that he’ll actually askyou out.

4. Be mindful of your body language.

If your arms are crossed and head is down, he’s probably not going to bother you. When your crush is around, look like you’re open for conversation. Keep your back straight, your head up, and makeeye contact with him. Give him incentive to walk over and talk.

5. Be patient.

You need to watch your pacing. You can’t become a doctor overnight and you can’t turn a boy into your boyfriend overnight. So don’t text him about hanging out, and then send him a Snapchat, and then comment on his new profile pictureall in the same day. Build up the sexual tension.If you make it seem like you’re obsessed with him, then he’s going to run off.

6. Spell everything out.

Remember to be bluntabout how you feel.You might think your crush on him is obvious, because all of your female friends know about it — but he might be clueless. No matter how muchyou’ve been texting him and how oftenyou’ve been touching his arm, he still might be mistaking your flirtatiousness for friendliness. So do a little extra flirting than you usually would.

7. Make a move.

You don’t have to make an obviousmove, like leaning in for a kiss. But you can get him alone, glance at his lips, and get close. That way, you won’t be initiating the kiss, even though you’re pretty much the mastermind behind it all. Even though you’re giving him a million reasons to close that gap between you.

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