Bride Who Has Never Met Her Future Husband Cracks Up When She Sees Him For The First Time

When you think about your wedding day, before it happens, you most likely have an idea of how you want it to end up: what type of dress you’ll wear, what kind of decorations you’ll want, where you’ll say your vows, and usually, who you’ll be saying them to.

Even if you aren’t engaged, you can hope to marry that best friend that you’ve always had a crush on or the man you’ve been dating for years that has yet to pop the question.

Regardless of what your hope is for your future husband, we can all agree that we’d most likely be dating for a while before saying “I do.”

But on the U.K.’sMarried at First Sight,things are nothing like you’d expect.

A group of strangers agrees to depend on science, rather than the fatethat hasn’t been working for them, andmarry people they’ve never met.

The first time they meet is also the day they say their vows to each other and become legally married.

Why would someone do such a thing? Maybe because some people’s hearts and heads get in the way of finding love, andmaybescience can match us up based on compatibility factors that we’re too stubborn to admit to.

When Melissa Sherwood and Clark James see each other for the first time on their big day, it appears the chemistry couldn’t be more perfect.

Their first interaction is absolutely adorable. Don’t you agree?

I wonder if they’ll make it!

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