Dating Site Exclusively For White People Gets Slammed On Social Media

Tinder, Match.Com, OKcupid, any of them. Name any dating site but there’s one thing wecan becertain of… not onewhite person in site.

So it was only a matter of time before somebody FINALLY made a dating site whereyou can meet only white people (provided you yourself are white).

Okay I’m not being serious. Well I am in the sense that there is a dating site for white people, but I’m not thankful for it. And apparently neither are a lot of people on the World Wide Interweb…

The site has recently erected abillboard in West Valley City, Utah and, since then, they’ve been getting a lot of online coverage. Good and bad… Mainly bad.

There are people sticking up for it, saying that there’s similar sites exclusively for other ethnicities, throwing words like ‘hypocrisy’, ‘discrimination’ and ‘computers’ around.

But you know, I’m no graphic designer but their billboard is pretty rubbish…

Wadayathink?! Let us know in the comments!

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