Depressed Mom Breaks Down in CourtWhen the Judge Discovers Her Son Died, the Charges Disappear

Andrea is a Providence, Rhode Island, resident whos having one heck of a year.

She headed to court in March to handle some issues with unpaid parking tickets that shes acquired over the past yearor so she thought.

Once in the courtroom with Judge Frank Caprio, Andrea learned she had parking tickets with the city dating back to 2004. She wasnt even aware that they existed, but as Judge Caprio reminded her, its not a matter of knowing that they exist, its a matter of whether they were left on your vehicle or not, and they were.

Fortunately, the parking tickets from 12 and 13 years ago were dropped because there were no standing records of them. But that good news only brought a rainstorm of bad.

Judge Caprio turned the conversation to Andreas most recent ticketsfive that shed received in the past yearmany of which were written to her parked car on the same street. Friendship Street is where the tickets were posted to her car. Its not where she lives, but rather the street where the city courthouse is located.

Andrea broke down in tears, explaining the awful year that shes had.

She revealed that her son was killed just a year ago in March of 2016. Following his death, the state cut her social security check because her son had owed $75 to the state.

She headed to the social security office to sort out the matter, only to return to her vehicle with a parking ticket.

The events of her year only worsened after that. Andrea was evicted from her home, and was forced to appear in court to settle the dispute. Wouldnt you know what was waiting for her when she left the legal buildinganother parking ticket.

On one other occasion, Andrea parked her car and ran into a coffee shop to get some change for the meter. After just a few minutes away from the vehicle, the parking police had left her yet another gift on the windshield.

Its like I cant win, she emotionally explained to Judge Caprio.

Andrea said shes still paying off her sons funeral from a year ago, and struggling to scrounge up all the money necessary to pay off her tickets while also moving into a new apartment. On top of the financial burden shes carrying, Andrea also tells Judge Caprio that shes on antidepressants, and the death of her son has left her feeling empty and lost.

They say God will never give you more than you can handle, but I know for a fact that he does.

If we went through this life and never NEEDED to rely on God to come through and do only something HE could do, then wed be missing out on some incredible experiences that draw us near to Him.

The Lord is always with us, but His timing, and when he decides to “show up,” is absolutely perfect. It’s often when we need him most, and not when we want something most.

Id like to believe that God worked through Judge Caprio on Andreas day in court.

After hearing her story, and the tough year that Andreas coming out of, Judge Caprio was more than sympathetic to the woman. He told her he was going to take all of the circumstances shed explained to himwhat he called a horrific storyinto consideration. With that, he dropped the accumulated charges to only $50.

Andrea was relieved, and grateful, but Judge Caprio wasnt finished.

After assuring him that she could pay the fines today, Judge Caprio had a hunch that hed be leaving Andrea completely broke.

He asked her how much money shed be left with if she paid the $50 on her way out, to which she responded, Five dollars.

His hunch was accurate, and Judge Caprio instead decided to drop all charges against the grieving mother. He was not about to let her leave the courtroom with only five dollars in her pocket.

Judge Caprios compassion is inspiring, and its just the reminder we needed today that Gods timing is always perfect.

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