Girls That Get Attached Easily Dont Do These 10 Things On Purpose

1.Open up our soulsto you.

We wear our hearts on our sleeves. During a casual conversation, we’ll mention our father’s drug addiction or our grandmother’s recent death. The fact that we’re opening up might scare you off, but it’s normal conversation for us.We always talk about shit.

2.Suffocate you.

We’re not trying to suffocate you when we ask you where you were or who you spent your weekend with. We’re just trying to protect our hearts. If you were out with another girl, we want to know, so that we can slowly detach ourselves from the idea of you.

3. Move fasterthan you’re comfortable with.

We understand that relationships are meant to develop slowly. But we’re impatient. We want to skip past the small talk and go straight to kissing in the rain. The beginning parts of a relationship don’t really interest us. We want something deeper. More meaningful.

4. Getpissedoff for ‘no good reason.’

Even ifwe aren’t officially dating, it’ll like we are. It’s why we’ll get so upset if we find out you went out on a date with another girl. No, you didn’t do anything wrong. But at the same time, you .You led us on. You tricked us into wanting something more than you were willing to give.

5. Come across asclingy.

We don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to spend time with you. So if we’re free, we’re going to see if you want to come over. We have a life of our own. We have backup plans. But you’re our first priority, which is why we always contact you first.

6.Blow up your phone.

We know we should play it cool and wait for you to send the first text, but we want to talk to you— even if we have nothing to say.We can’t help ourselves. Our impatience takes control and we end up sending texts that we regret seconds later.

7. Tell the world about you.

Feelings slip from our lips with ease. The fact that we told our best friends, our parents, and all of our Facebook friends about you isn’t that big of a deal. We like to talk and we loveto brag. Especially about boys.

8. Cry ourselves to sleep.

If it was up to us, we wouldn’t be obsessed with the idea of you. We wouldn’t break down when you told us about your crush on another woman or that you weren’t looking for a serious relationship. We don’t want to be this way. We hate it — much more than you do.

9. Becomehighly destructive.

When we don’t get what we want, it feels like the end of the world. That’s why we’ll act out by getting drunk off tequila shots, postinghalf-naked photos online, and sending you unforgivably mean texts. We don’t know how to deal with our pain, so we do the stupidest shitimaginable.

10.Fall for someone new on the daily.

It’s not our fault that we get attached so easily. We don’t do it on purpose. In fact, if anything, we actually try to stop ourselves from developing feelings for near-strangers. But it never works. We’re powerless to our feelings. It’s just the way we’re wired.

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