I Know We Wont Be Forever, But Ill Take A Little While

I know we cant be forever, but that doesnt mean I wont take a little while. We can get lost in cars, on highways in distant states far from where we know to be home. We wont be scared, though. My hand will be in yours and your hand will be in mine. Being lost is always a little more fun when you have someone along for the ride.

And in our little while, I wont need fancy dates. But I will need lots of laughter.

Im talking the side splitting stuff, the kind that leaves you and me on the floor in your room with no one else in on the joke but you and me.

We can get day drunk on beer and sun, the kind of buzz that lasts well into the night as we dance our way to a local dive bar. Well stay up late, getting diner food and watching all the other night owl patrons. Well have a favorite table, too. Itll be the one well dash to every Saturday night. A window seat right in the back corner where we can see everything going on, but be seen by no one, just the way we like it.

Youll recommend movies and Ill give you books. Well learn about each other in the dialogue of the film, through the bounded words of the pages. Well discover what makes one another cry, what makes one another mad. Ill make fun of your morning bedhead. Youll tease me about my stumbled speech when Im falling in love.

Because falling in love is the aim of the game, isnt it? If it doesnt end in wedding rings, were advised not to bother.

Were constantly told that certain people arent worth our time, worth our heartache if together doesnt end in forever. But Im starting to disagree.

Because not all love is made for longevity, and thats perfectly okay. Some of our lovers are merely encounters, fleeting shots at forever that well never make. But well learn and grow together just the same, and while sometimes it ends in heartbreak, I hope ours wont end bitterly. Im crossing my fingers that ours will end with the sweet realization that forever was never meant for us, but we were still perfectly happy during our little while.

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