Im Not Ready To Leave But I Have To Say Goodbye

Im not ready to leave but I have to because theres no place for me in your life anymore. Im not ready to leave but sometimes leaving is the only option you have left.

Im not ready to leave but I think it will be easier if I do. I will put an end to all the nights we wondered, all the nights we thought about each other and never reached out, all the nights we said something that we didnt mean and all the nights we had to see each other in the arms of someone else.

Im not ready to leave but you have a habit of making me. With every door you close, with every conversation you cut short, with every word you swallow and with every romantic moment you take away by pretending like it didnt happen.

Im fearless but you make me want to play it safe. You make me want to protect myself from your never-ending roller coaster. You make me want to end the ride because you make me feel like were going tofall off instead of holding on.

And thats the thing about goodbyes; theyre never easy, theyre never something you look forward to and theyre never something you do when you love someone.

But sometimes you have to, sometimes you just have to believe the good in goodbye and move on to the next beginning or the next destination.

Im not ready to leave or wonder ifIll ever see you again but I have to say goodbye and accept that there might not be any more between us. There may never be any epic comebacks or reunions set by the universe or fates colliding in the middle of a stormy night.

Maybe the only word thats left unsaid between us is goodbye.

And maybe I have to say it first before you leave without saying a word like you always do.

Or maybe I should leave without saying a word too because we loved each other in silence and maybe we just have to part in silence too.

Because we always understood our silence more than our words.

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