Iris Apfel Has Some Dating Advice We All Need To Hear

At 94, Iris Apfel knows a thing or two about life — and dating. Though Apfel says she hasn’t dated in 68 years — her husband, Carl Apfel, died last year — the keen observer says she might be on to the reason why so many young people are struggling to find love these days. 

“I was asked today by some pretty young lady if I’d give them some dating advice,” she told The Telegraph. “I told them to put down their cell phones. All they do is press buttons.”

Indeed, in today’s tech-addicted world, many surveys have shown that excessive cell-phone use is one of the top pet-peeves of people during a date. 

“They go out on dates and they don’t talk to each other, and engage with one another, they sit opposite each other pressing buttons,” Apfel said. “You’re more responsible than anyone else. Stop it.”

We hear you Iris, loud and clear.

The fashion icon, who’s starred in ad campaigns for Kate Spade, MAC cosmetics and Wise Wear, also spoke about the fashion industry shutting out older consumers. Their loss, we say. Apfel agrees. 

“The fashion industry doesn’t just forget old people, it forgets middle-aged people,”Apfel said. “The fashion industry is youth-obsessed, which is totally insane from a financial point of view so I don’t feel sorry for them.”

As for Apfel, she says she’ll just keep being her fabulous self. “If you can’t be yourself then just forget it,” she said.

Wise words. 

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