Little Boy Takes His Best Friend Out On A First Date

I think we all remember our first grade-school crush; even once were all grown up.

While little ones are far from ready to start pairing up, developing crushes is a normal and often adorable part of growing up. Sometimes, it even develops into something more serious down the line, as we saw with these childhood sweethearts who reconnected years later.

Its a milestone moment in every kids life, even if its more likely to be marked by hair pulling and name-calling than by romance.

The exception to that trend might just be a little boy named Freddie, who lives in the U.K. with his parents.

Freddie, just 5, has been friends with a little girl named Dee Dee since he was born.

When he saw his parents getting ready to go out on a date, it sparked a heartwarming idea: he wanted to take Dee Dee on a date, too!

Check out the gallery below to see Freddies impossibly sweet plan take shape!



Freddie and Dee Dee have been friends since literally before they were born.

Their mothers met in a pre-natal class when Nina Gibson was pregnant with Freddie and Katy Jones was pregnant with Dee Dee.

After their babies were born, the moms remained close.

The dynamic duo grew up together, and were inseparable from Day 1.


Now 5, Freddie and Dee Dee see less of each other because they go to different schools.

Still, their friendship remains as strong as ever; especially after Freddie caught Mom and Dad getting ready to go out on a date.

Curiosity piqued, and he wanted to know exactly what a date was.

His parents explained, and, according toExpress, He had a little ponder, then said, ‘Well, I’d like to take Dee Dee on a date.’


He thoughtfully waited until Dee Dee turned 5, then set about planning his romantic extravaganza.

First, ever the gentleman, he sent Dee Dee a letter, asking if shed like to accompany him for an evening on the town.

After Dee Dee got her own explanation on dating from Mom, she agreed that she would love to go.


The twosome got dressed up, Freddie brought flowers, and they went out in style to their local Pizza Express, a chain pizza restaurant in their town.

The Gibsons and the Joneses came along, but were careful to sit at a separate table to give the kids their independence.

Dee Dees mom added, They did the whole thing themselves.


Freddie had saved up his pocket money in anticipation of the big night, but he could have left his wallet at home.

The Pizza Express staff was so taken with the adorable scene that they insisted that the meal was on the house.

Freddie was a bit disappointed he didnt get to spend his hard-earned savings, so he left a generous tip instead.


In honor of the event, both Freddie and Dee Dee got very dressed up.

Freddie wore smart slacks and a vest, while Dee Dee wore a new dress and had her mom do her hair.

According to her mom, On the morning of the date, she chose a flowery headband and painted her nails.


Both parents note that Freddie seems to have plans extending far past this one date.

He apparently has every intention of marrying Dee Dee as soon as hes grown up, and insists that theyll move to Birmingham to be near her grandparents.

Dee Dee is just happy to spend time with her best friend.


Fortunately, they have a long time before they have to make such weighty decisions.

In the more immediate future, it looks like there may be another date or two to look forward to.

When asked if hed like to take Dee Dee out again, Freddie responded, Yes, because shes beautiful.

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