The Text This Guy Sent To A Wrong Number Is Everyone’s Dating Nightmare

When it comes to texting a significant other or a dating counterpart, there are really different levels to how embarrassing certain mistakes are.

There’s thetext rant thatmakes you look super salty, especially if the exchange is with someone that turned you down afterjust meeting on Tinder.

Then there’s the type of rant that people send after not getting the one-night stands they expected, which is even moreshameless.

And then there’s the type that can really make a person look like a sucker: the rants that people send when they’re fed up with people ignoring their texts.

Still, nothing beatthis.

With every screenshot taken of one text conversation to use as proof in a totally separate conversation, there’s always the risk of a fatal mistake. This guy had to learn that the hard way.

Twitter user Dan O’Hara shared his experience of texting a screenshot to perhaps the last person he intended to and the tweet was an instant hit.

This should really be a lesson for everyone. If you’re going to screenshot someone’s text, at least have the presence to triple-check before sending.

Dan, congratulations. You played yourself.

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