This Fangirl Is Dating Her Idol After Tweeting Him For Five Years

People like Harry Styles, Justin Bieber and other such heartthrobs must get tweeted at all the time.

Fans telling them they love them, that they want to marry them etc.

We’d imagine that usually, Harry Styles, Justin Bieber and other such heartthrobs ignore these tweets. But, in what is the stuff of fan-fiction, one fangirl has, through sheer persistence, managed to get herself noticed by American actor Jake T Austin.

And not just noticed. After five years of her tweeting him, the two are now officially going out:

It all started with this tweet, back in 2009:

Danielle really was a fan of Jake’s..

All she wanted to do was meet him…

And, as luck would have it, she managed it at a signing in New York:

Danielle continued to tweet Jake:

Until the day came that he finally noticed her, and followed her back:

She then spent the next few years tweeting him even more:

Until he finally gave in. Now, Danielle and Jake are a thing.

In what will surely be an inspiration to fangirls around the world, Danielle’s five years of tweeting paid off. As she captioned a picture of the two of them on Instagram, “every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.”

That’ll be a story to tell the grandkids..

Image Credit: Capital

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