This Is What Youre Really Asking For When You Say Lets Just Be Friends

When you ask if we could be friends, this is what youre really asking for:

Youre asking me to talk to you about other guys and maybe ask for your advice, youre asking me to spend my late nights with someone else, to stay up on the phone with someone else and maybe one day Ill cancel on you because I have a date.

Youre asking me to take back my good morning and good nighttexts, my undivided attention, youre telling me its okay if Im not always there for you, youre letting me get away with not putting you first and youre telling me that its okay to give all my loving to someone else while youre there watching.

Youre giving me the opportunity to start seeing other men as more than friends, youre giving me the time to get to know others on a deeper level and youre giving me the chance to fall in love with someone else.

When you say lets be friends, youre asking me to hurt you. Youre asking me to show you what you could have had but chose to lose.

When you say lets be friends, youre really asking me to show you how we cant be friends and how we never were.

When you say lets be friends, youre saying Im okay with losing you asboth a lover and a friend.

Youre saying its okay to watch me leave and be with someone else and you cant say anything about it.

Because you will realize that you had the chance, that this couldve been you if only you tried harder, if only you werent so guarded, if only you didnt use timing as an excuse, if only you had let your emotions guide you that one cant say anything but and I cant say anything but

When you say lets be friends youre asking for an invitation to my wedding day or maybe no invitation at all.

When you say lets be friends, I dont think you know what this means. I dont think you understand how it will change everything between us or how it will change

When you say lets be friends, youre asking me to leave you , to leave you to warm someone else up as you stay alone in the cold.

When you say lets be friends, youre saying

So let me ask you, is that what you really want?

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