Women Secretly Find These 40 Things Irresistible In A Man

1.Covering us with a blanket when we unexpectedly fall asleep.

2.Using a big word, like or , in casual conversation.

3.Calling our father “sir.”

4.Doing a double take when we walk into the room in a brand new dress.

5.Wearing most delicious cologne.

6.Wearing a suit with histie undone or hisjacket off.

7.Giving us a bear hug. One where helifts us off of the ground.

8.Running his hands through his hair as soon as he sees us, because he wants to look good for us.

9.Putting his hand on our waist when he’s trying to walk us through a crowded room.

10.Kissing us on the cheek to say hello or goodbye.

11.Getting emotional over a chick flick he didn’t want to watch in the first place.

12.Casually putting his arm around us when we’re sitting together at a party.

13.Winking at us from across the room.

14.Giving us one of those adorably flirty half-smiles.

15.Getting on the floor toplay with our pet or our baby brother.

16.Driving with one hand on the steering wheel and the other on our thigh.

17.Asking us if we’re sure before having sex with us.

18.Wearing that embarrassing shirt we bought himout in public.

19.Bringing up a joke that we told ago and completely forgot about.

20.Casually mentioning how much hisparentslove us.

21.Hugging us from behind.

22.Rolling hissleeves up to hisforearms to expose hismuscles.

23.Kissing us on the forehead when hethinks that we’ve already fallen asleep.

24.Counting down the days until our birthday or anniversary.

25.Kissing us on the hand.

26.Bringing us another beer or slice of cake, even though we didn’t ask for it.

27.DVRing our favoritemovie, so we can watch it anytime we want.

28.Letting us outbefore heparks the car, so wedon’t have to run through the rain.

29.Walking on the outer portion of the sidewalk, so that he’sclosest to the street.

30.Playing guitar. Or piano. Or drums. Or really, any instrument at all.

31.Running his hand across our skin when we’re resting our head on his lap.

32. Putting emojis next to our name in hisphone. Or listing us under a cute nickname that he’scome up with.

33.Brushingourhair back when it falls into our face.


35.Stumbling over his words, because he’s caught off guard by how stunning welook.

36.Cooking us a meal that actually ends up tasting delicious.

37.Stretching hisarms and accidentally lifting hisshirt to reveal hischest.

38.Singing in the car.

39.Saying ourname.

40.Glancing down at ourlips while we’re talking.

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