Young Girl Injures Her Knee, Then Gets An Unforgettable Letter From Her Boyfriend

For some of us, it can take years to find the one person in this world who truly makes our hearts feel whole. On the other hand, for lucky folks like 10-year-old Cole, you meet that special someone pretty early on in life.

The Montgomery, TX, kiddo and his “girlfriend” Sherri couldn’t be more adorable together. The athletic pair like to cheer each other on at their various soccer, softball, and baseball games. Of course, their parents were a bit hesitant to allow their youngsters to be in a “relationship,” but after seeing the level of sweet devotion they have between them, it’s impossible to deny there’s a strong bond there.

They’ve been “dating,” as much as a pair who can’t drive yet anyway, since Cole asked Sherri to join him at homecoming. When they’re not out on the field playing for their respective teams, their dates consist of meals shared with both of their families acting as chaperone.

The preciousfifth gradersare each others’ biggest fans while watching their games from the stands.

Sherri’s mom Nicole tells us here atLittleThings, “Sherri and Cole have a real friendship, they trust each other and genuinely care about one another.”

While most kids their age still believe in “cooties” and would rather steer clear of any gross relationship junk, these two clearly enjoy their time together.

While watching Sherri play in a soccer game recently, though, Cole saw as she painfully tore her ACL muscle in her knee. Knowing how difficult it must be for her to sit on the sidelines while she waits to recover, Cole decided to do something nice for his little lady.

As his mom Brandiexplains,He came home that night and said, I want to write her a letter and get her something to make her feel better.

He also had a cookie cake and teddy bear with him for this special delivery.

His kind words not only put a huge smile on Sherri’s face, but has been melting hearts all over the internet after being shared on Facebook. The text reads:

“Dear Sherri,

Im so sorry that you broke your knee. I will miss watching you play soccer and Im sorry that you wont be able to play softball for a while. But I know you will heal quickly, and I will get to watch you play again soon. Although you cant play sports, you still make my day when I get to see your beautiful smile.

God has a plan for all of us and sometimes its hard for us to understand why thing[s] happen to us. My dad tells me that God only allows things to happen that He knows we can handle. You are a pretty, nice, funny, and strong girl that is also a good friend. You will get through this quickly.

Please let me know how I can help during your recovery. I hope you recover fast and get well soon.

Your friend,

“It truly is a blessing to know that they have each other to count on during the hard times,” Nicole adds while speaking with us about the sweethearts.

“Sherri needs as much support as she can get right now as she goes through this process. It is very hard for an athlete to know they won’t be able to get out on that field everyday with their team. We are very happy that Cole is their to support and encourage her and feel blessed to have him and his family in our lives.”

Sherri’s cousin, however, seems to be a bit jealous of their young romance and I have to say, I am too!It’s not easy to find someone who cares for you as much as these two for each other, and they haven’t even made it to high school yet.

Here’s hoping theybothremain just as adorably affectionate over the years.

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